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Presentations for Clubs and Organizations:

1. Herbs: Off the Beaten Path *(60-75 minutes); lecture and slide show about unusual and rare, sometimes hardy, herbs with landscape potential; most are bee and hummingbird plants; Q & A session

*presented at the Memphis Herb Society Annual Symposium in September, 2000; short version presented at Memphis Herb Society regular monthly meeting more recently (2006)

2. Herbes de Provence (short presentation geared toward beginning gardeners); brief lecture and plant demonstration with audience participation; takes about 20 minutes, plus Q &A

Presentations "Under Construction":

A.The Tender Perennial Basils; B. Making Your Own Herb Beds;

C. Whiskey Barrel / Container Herb Gardening

GARDEN HINTS (Fall Season)

1.Make sure your soil is amended with plenty of soil conditioner (finely ground bark) and/or perlite or gravel or stones to break up the soil and provide good drainage. Rosemaries and lavenders, especially, appreciate not having wet feet; our clay soils around here are hard on these plants, so spend some time working the soil.

2.September and October are good times to work your herb and perennial beds, and to transplant or separate herbs that have become too crowded. Early November is still not too late to tackle some of these tasks!

3.Planting in large containers or barrels is another method of ensuring that your valuable herbs have adequate drainage. Place a large clay pot at the bottom to take up space, leaving your planter lighter; this also enables you to use less soil mixture.

4.We use a combination of Baccto Lite, soil conditioner (ground pine bark), and perlite for our container plants. The Memphis Botanic Garden folks also make a fine growing mix, available at the Gift Shop.

Woodcrest Herbs